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Welcome to the Permian Bass Club, located in Odessa, Texas. Some 50 years ago a bunch of men made up of lawyers, doctors and other business men formed the Permian Bass Club.  At one time the club had over 500 members all within the Permian Basin.  As everything else in today's society, times have changed but the Bass Club still has 75+ members to this day.  We have 10 regular tournaments and 1 open tournament to help create funds to run the club. In addition, at the end of the year we have a President's tournament to show appreciation.  This West Texas Bass Club has to travel over 120 miles just to get to water but the club continues to have from 75 to 125 members each year in membership.
Permian Bass Club's Mission
To bring about a closer association of those persons interested in the fine art of bass fishing.
To conduct meetings and encourage good fellowship among all Bass fisherman.
Sponsor men/women and teams to out of town tournaments
Use all possible influence to improve Bass fishing conditions in West Texas.
Cooperate with conservation officials in any manner that will insure the   continuation of, or betterment of Bass fishing in any area.