Yep, Two letters in one month!!
Hello all PBC Bass club Members!!!
Yep, Two letters in one month!! What a deal! That tells you how much the Bass Club and S.I.T. is ramping up!!
I encourage all to come to the July 1st meeting next Tuesday! Neat stuff happening as well as a Great program by Jim Baskin on Shaky Head Fishing!
The main purpose of this News Letter is to extend a personal Challenge to all members!!!!
Our Ad book needs your support!!! We have employees of oilfield companies all thru out our club and I’m asking for at least a business card ad for $50 from all club members!!
I will do an Ad for Angus Measurement even if I have pull it out of my billfold!! And I encourage all of you to do the same. It is one of our easiest money maker for this club!!
We have Ad forms available at the meeting, or e-mail me at and I’ll send out an Ad package with a return self-addressed envelope to the PBC for easy payment return. Grab a Business card or check with your company for art work copy and we’ll get her done
It’s easy, all you have to do is ask!!!
Come on let’s make that extra little effort for the club!!
Thanks, see ya at the meeting,
Keith Curtis
President 2014