City of Del Rio Honors Permian Bass Club
Congratulations All Permian Bass Club Members:
           Donna Langford with the Del Rio Chamber of Commerce presented the Permian Bass Club of Odessa TX with an appreciation plaque honoring the 50th anniversary of the Permian Bass Club  S.I.T. Tournament held at Lake Amistad thanking the Permian Bass Club for bringing fisherman to Del Rio for 50 Years. This may be one of if not the longest running Bass Tournaments in the US. It started 11 years before Bassmaster started. We would like to thank all past members who started this tournament 50 years ago to the present members who continue to put in the effort to keep this legacy alive and would like to thank future members who will help keep it going for as long as possible. We would also like to say thanks to the city of Del Rio and the US Parks Service of Lake Amistad for their continued support and help making this Tournament possible. Special thanks to all of our sponsors each year for their contributions to this tournament. Thanks to all the fisherman who have fished in this tournament over the years as without you this could never happen.
         Some 50 years ago a bunch of men made up of lawyers, doctors and other business men formed the Permian Bass Club.  At one time the club had over 500 members all within the Permian Basin.  As everything else in today's society, times have changed but the Bass Club still has 75+ members to this day.  We have 10 regular tournaments and 1 open tournament to help create funds to run the club. In addition, at the end of the year we have a President's tournament to show appreciation.  This West Texas Bass Club has to travel over 120 miles just to get to water but the club continues to have from 75 to 125 members each year in membership.